1. What is the distance from Grand ion Majestic to Genting Highland Resort Hotel?

It is 7 minutes drive from Grand ion Majestic to First World Hotel Lobby. Shutter bus service is available for Grand Ion Majestic hotel guest, daily from 9am to 12am mid-night from Hotel to First World Hotel (Sky Avenue).


2. Is this a Free Hold or Lease Hold unit?

This is a Freehold unit.  永久地


3. What is the payment term after first 3 years.  

The contract covers up to 9 years (divided into 3 terms).  First term (Year 1 to Year 3), it will be at 7% return rate.  Second Term (year 4 to year 6), the payment will be at 70%/30% profit sharing.  Third term (year 7 to year 9), the payment will be at 70%/30% profit sharing.


4. Is there free stay for unit owner during the 9 years contract with the hotel?

Yes, every unit entitle for a 5 Days free stay per annum . There is also additional 20 days of 50% Hotel Discount Voucher per annum. The free stay and hotel voucher cannot accumulate or bring forward but it will be renew annually.


5. Can we sell our unit during the 9 years contract?

Yes, unit owner is eligible to sell the unit after completion during the contract with below 2 conditions.  First, the new buyer must continue the contract if the 9 years contract still valid. Second,  developer has the priority to purchase from unit owner before offer is opened to third party.


6. Do we need to pay maintenance fee during the contract?

Yes, unit owner will need to pay the maintenance fee.  However, the developer will absorb the maintenance fee for the first 3 years.  Unit owner will only required to pay the maintenance fee on the 4th years onwards.


7. Who is going to responsible if there is any damage happen to my unit during the contract? 

Hotel management will take full responsibility on your unit during the contract. They will take necessary action if any damage found in your unit which is cause by the hotel guest.

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